Celebrities Who Are Vocal About Their Mental Illness

I have written about celebrities with mental illness before, but today I’m going to look at current celebs who are vocal about their mental illness and put out positive messages about therapy, medication, and seeking help when it’s needed.

Comedy duo Gaby Dunn and Alison Raskin – these two talk about their mental illnesses openly, which help their younger fan base learn it’s okay to get help.

Hilarious My Favorite Murder podcast hosts and authors of Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered Karen Kilgeriff and Georgia Hardstark – seriously, read the book or listen to the podcast for a healthy dose of humor, good story telling, and honest discussions around mental health and the importance of therapy.  


Lady Gaga – it’s not often a celeb talks about having PTSD, so it’s refreshing to hear her discuss this all too common disorder.

Chris Gethard – is an honest, down to earth, and hilarious comedian who took his mental health struggles and transformed them into a stand-up comedy show to start a conversation about mental health.

Halsey – this is an older video, but it really gets to the meat of her diagnosis and view of public opinion in regards to who she is, which is, in part, someone with a mental illness.

Kristen Bell – not only does Kristen Bell talk openly about her depression and anxiety, but she also is someone whose kindness is inspiring.

Neal Brennan – this guy is funny and honest about his struggles with depression and anxiety. It was actually through an interview I heard with him that I first learned about TMS (I write about my experience with TMS here).

Who did I miss?  Let me know and I’ll save the names for a longer post down the line.

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