Sick Cat

I wrote on 3/1/17 about how pets play a positive role in a persons mental well being. In that previous post I talk about my experiences with my cats, and mention that while I love both of our cats, I have a special relationship with Seamus.

Seamus moments before being admitted to the Pet ER

Seamus has been in the hospital since Friday (so for 5 + days), he gave us quite the scare. Last Thursday he didn’t wake me up to feed him, which meant that as I opened my eyes I knew something was wrong. This cat loves food and has a better internal clock than most humans I know. When we found him he hardly had the energy to be annoyed that we were poking at him.

The vet said his kidney values were sky high, and gave him an antibiotic in case there was an infection. She then sent us home. 24 hours later we hadn’t been able to get him to eat or drink and asked if we should bring him in for fluids. They told us to come by in an hour, but a few minutes later called back and said that the head vet took a look at his blood test and wanted to see him right away.

We talked about what we might need to do to treat him, and the vet left to draw up her plan. While she was still out of the room Seamus vomited blood. My husband ran back to get the vet who said that we had a new plan. They were going to show us how to give him subcutaneous fluids, and then we were going to take him to the Pet ER.

Seamus not feeling so great, but still looking gorgeous.

The ER has taken great care of him, we get two calls a day from the vets, and we also can talk to them while we visit Seamus. He’s getting near constant fluids through an IV as they try to flush out his kidneys. When we took him in they said we’d likely take him home Sunday, then Sunday turned to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and now Thursday at the soonest.

Seamus is acting like he feels fine. When we visit, they put us in a room with him and he loves to explore and jump on everything he can find. I want to bring him home, it’s funny how much I miss the things I used to complain about. Such as waking me up at 5am each day, and meowing at the door so loudly you could hear him on the other side of the city.

Seamus on the day we adopted him.

This is a mental illness blog, and my cats story of his illness isn’t really directly related to mental health, except that talking about it, sharing his story to this point, is good for my mental health and doing things that help is always worth it.

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