Dealing with Normal Life Event Anxiety

My husband and I are in the process of purchasing our first home.  This is a known life stressor that easily can cause anyone, mental illness or not, to feel anxious.  Positive events can be life stressor; weddings, births, home buying, and a new job are just a few examples.

Knowing that I would be anxious, but also that it was important that I be able to hold it together and be a part of the entire process, I have been taking certain precautions.  I started by telling my husband that I want to be a part of the entire process, and that I do not want to put all of the stress on him, but that if I say I need a break, to let me have a few hours without having to do anything for the purchase of this house.  This gives me the opportunity to take a time out and de-stress rather than allow the stress to continue to build.

Another precaution I am doing is to do yoga regularly.  I have been doing a short 5 minute yoga routine every morning and then most nights a 15-20 minute yoga session using different YouTube videos for guidance.  Yoga is turning out to be a very powerful tool.  It not only makes me take about 20 minutes a day to focus on nothing but self-care, but it also helps to relax my tense muscles.

In addition to yoga, I made a playlist on my YouTube account of 5 minute guided meditations.  I now have the option to put in headphones and do a guided meditation whenever the stress starts to get to me.  This was particularly helpful on the day we found out our original lender made a mistake.

The last and perhaps most important thing I have been doing is talking to people about the stress.  I have talked to co-workers about the anxiety of waiting to see if our offer would be accepted.  I have been with my parents almost daily to give them updates and complain about the process.  This support from others was key, especially because the most stressful week of this process happened to fall on the week that my therapist was on vacation.  I did make sure to see my psychiatrist, just so I had one of my mental health professionals aware of my current major life stressor.

The home buying process is not yet done.  We have the inspection coming up, and then we have to wait for closing.  I know it is important that I continue to allow myself time for yoga and meditation, as well as continue using peer support.  I truly believe that I can get through this process with my mental health intact as long as I continue to prioritize self-care.

What do you do to get through particularly stressful life events?  Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. we just bought our first house last year–I hear you! if you ever need to vent feel free to email me…I know the headaches well! 🙂 ❤ I'm vegassober (at) gmail <3<3 HANG IN THERE! It will be worth it!


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