My Problem With Personality Tests

Something I have been hearing a lot about for the last year is the Enneagram personality test. I have an issue with personality tests because I think that mental illness can change the results. My personality absolutely involves me caring about others, but my social anxiety has me avoiding them. Several of the questions revolved around various wording of, “do you feel your emotions deeply?” Yes, because I have a mood disorder I absolutely feel my emotions deeply. Would I without the mood disorder? I don’t know.

I never know if I should answer with what I feel or how I act. Another type of question that gets me is in regards to if I can see my future clearly. I can’t, because my ability to imagine a future died long ago during one of my depressive episodes and never came back. So no, I don’t see the future clearly…but not for the reasons that I believe they are using to judge my personality.

A lot of people love these tests and use them as a tool to better understand themselves. That’s great for people who are able to use the results in a way that helps them. But for me I don’t feel that it is helpful. Either way, below are my results. I don’t much agree with the them, but here it is anyway.

There are a lot of places you can take an Enneagram test online, I took it at Truity.


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