Chased by Depression

Have you ever felt like you were being chased by depression? Running, as fast you can in the opposite direction from an invisible force that is already inside you? It’s like in that common nightmare when a monster or an unseen force is coming for you, but in your effort to escape you keep tripping or can only run in slow motion.

Being chased by depression is tricky because sometimes you think you lost it when you ran down your list of coping skills. Then, as you are leaving a yoga class it’s back and you have to run some more.

Today I came home from a hard day at work, my mood had already been low and it was one of those days that made it worse. As soon as I got home I got into bed. My cat was excited for the chance to cuddle, and I always find cat purrs to be soothing. My plan had been to just stay in bed forever, but instead I decided to do something new.

I went on Youtube and found a beginner Krav Maga exercise video, I enjoyed a Krav Maga self defense class I took a few months prior and keep thinking about taking another class. I watched the video in bed before getting up and doing the routine along with the video. The movement and hitting the air helped.

Running from depression can feel like a losing battle sometimes; but if each time that depression shows up I find myself running from it, I may just win, if not every time, than most of the time.

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