Vision Board

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would be sharing my vision board and my 2018 personal review. After working on these two items, I came to the conclusion that I cannot share my 2018 personal review, because a majority of the events actually involve misfortune or illness of those I care about rather than myself. While I have chosen to be an open book about my illness and my life, I am not going to ask or expect the same from my loved ones. With that said, I will share a list of my highlights from 2018.

A Look Back:

  • I was not hospitalized! (inpatient or outpatient)
  • My career took a positive move with added responsibilities
  • My husband and I went on a relaxing vacation. We also went to see, three comedians we are fans of.

A Look Forward

I’ve never made a vision board before, and I’ll be honest, in the past I thought they were silly. This year I decided to give it a try. Not really knowing the first thing about vision boards, I started where so many new activities start, on YouTube.

I found this video to be particularly helpful – I liked several of her ideas, particularly using a cork-board rather than poster-board and glue, and finding images online rather than digging through magazines. I also liked that she said that it is helpful to find pictures that you are in to represent as much as you can, logic being that if you see yourself doing it you’ll be inspired to do it again.

My 2019 Vision Board

My vision board (seen above) has images that represent things that I want from 2019. I want to:

  • Travel with my husband
  • Spend quality time with my cats
  • Prioritize reading
  • Stay positive when possible
  • Get in better shape
  • Advocate to help end mental health stigma
  • Explore Buddhism
  • Eat well

A lot of the things on my board and the list above are things that I already do, at least to some extent. I was surprised to discover while looking for inspiration that I already engage in most, if not all, of my goals; and that I really just need to take each item to the next level.

My next step is to find somewhere to keep my vision board, somewhere I will see it daily. From there I might try turning some of the items into a SMART goal.

Did you look back or forward for the new year?

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