Upcoming Series of Posts

I think a large part of fighting stigma is education.  Knowledge can break down the barriers of fear, and fighting fear is a vital step to ending stigma.  So far, this blog has focused on a combination of personal experience, education, and reviews of books and podcasts.  I am happy to announce that I am about to start sharing a series of informative posts in which each week I will take an in-depth look at different mental health diagnoses.  I will share personal posts here and there.

In the first few weeks I will focus on anxiety related disorders, after that I will look in turn at mood disorders, psychotic disorders, development and learning disorders, eating disorders, and then end with personality disorders.

When possible I will try to share a personal story of my own or talk to someone who lives with the particular disorder (if you experience any of these and would like to share your story, please let me know).

I am not a mental health professional, and will be doing research for each topic, even those that I experience personally.  I am going to do everything I can to be accurate and will share my resources at the bottom of each post.


  1. Great idea! Knowledge is power. I would be more than happy to share mine or my son’s stories if you feel they would be useful.


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