Media is Not Doing a Good Job – Kate Spade

There is absolutely a wrong way for the media to report a suicide; and one of the big no-no’s is in many headlines right now. Today we learned that Kate Spade has likely committed suicide. This suicide, as are all suicides, is a tragedy. Studies have shown that the means a person used to end their life should be kept out of headlines and news articles. So far that has not happened in the death of Kate Spade.

When a suicide makes it into the news cycle there is a danger of an increase in suicides among the public. If reading about someone dying by suicide or the method used upsets you or makes you begin thinking of suicide, please get help. Call a friend or family member, a medical professional, or a hotline. You can also call 911 if you feel unsafe or have already harmed yourself.

Let’s remember Kate Spade, let’s not belittle her or her successes due to the apparent cause of death. Let’s try to honor her by ensuring others have access to help in their times of need.

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