Not long ago I was sitting in therapy, saying how I think there should be a place you can get away from life, where you don’t have to do anything and you can relax.  My therapist told me I had just described a vacation. She then “prescribed” me with an order to take a vacation.

I came home and told my husband we had to go on a vacation, and despite trying to save all of our money for house repairs, we were both excited.  Life is stressful, and as our vacation came nearer, we both kept saying how badly we needed it.

There are actually real mental and physical health benefits to taking a vacation.  Below is youtube’s most attractive doctor sharing some of the benefits.



Decreased stress, increased job performance, and stronger family ties are all benefits of a vacation.  

I’m writing this before our vacation so that I can relax completely.  Our upcoming vacation is going to start with walking through two cute small downtown areas, we will then check into a cottage converted from a 1700’s carriage house, and relax with farm and mountain scenery.  Our trip will end with a hike, rope course, or trip to DC (we haven’t decided yet and are trying not to overplan). We are both looking forward to spending a day sitting and doing nothing. I’m bringing some books, he’s bringing a puzzle, and we are not bringing our work email.


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