Next week will be the last in my series about “Questions People are Afraid to Ask About Mental Illness”.  This week I want to share a playlist I recently came up with.  A lot of people say that listening to music is one of their top coping skills.  Music does not typically help me, but I recently decided to come up with a playlist of songs related to mental health and plan to try it out next time I need a mood booster.

It was an interesting experience coming up with this list because I do not regularly, if ever, listen to these artists.  I think that due to not being entirely familiar with the songs I was able to listen to the lyrics and find songs that speak about recovery and/or hanging on.

Two of the songs I chose have been mentioned before in Music to Help End Stigma.

Not Afraid – Eminem

Last Hope – Paramore

Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne

1-800-273-8255 – Logic

Just Keep Breathing – We the Kings

Lullaby – Nickelback

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