100 Positive Coping Skills

Coping skills are methods a person can use when in distress.  There are good and bad coping skills.  Self-harm, drug use, and alcohol use are examples of bad coping skills.  There are tons of good coping skills you can use instead of bad ones.  Below is a list of just some good coping skills:

  1. Write in journal
  2. Read a book
  3. Watch TV
  4. Watch Youtube
  5. Take a nap
  6. Call a friend
  7. Text a friend
  8. Play with pet
  9. Cuddle with pet
  10. Take a walk
  11. Exercise
  12. Walk around a store
  13. Bake
  14. Cook
  15. Play a game
  16. Clean
  17. Take a drive
  18. Organize something
  19. Write a story or poem
  20. Write a list of things you are grateful for
  21. Drink tea
  22. Knit
  23. Cross stitch
  24. Color
  25. Draw
  26. Paint
  27. Play with play-doh
  28. Take a shower
  29. Take a bath
  30. Meet a friend for a meal
  31. Cry
  32. Meditate
  33. Listen to a podcast or book on tape
  34. Listen to music
  35. Use the internet to learn something
  36. Make candles
  37. Sing
  38. Eat your favorite food (in moderation)
  39. Watch a comedian
  40. Garden
  41. Sit outside/watch nature
  42. Make a collage
  43. Make a dream board
  44. Read a magazine
  45. Invent a game
  46. Visit animals at the Humane Society
  47. Volunteer
  48. Go to a playground and swing/slide
  49. Go to a museum
  50. Talk to mental health team member
  51. Do opposite action (do the opposite of what you want to, e.g. don’t isolate)
  52. Do arts and crafts
  53. Groom your pet
  54. Self-hygiene (wash face, clip nails, etc.)
  55. Hold and ice cube
  56. Jump until you are out of breath
  57. Scream into a pillow
  58. Rant to self or to a friend
  59. Play video games
  60. Go to a thrift store
  61. Polish shoes
  62. Work on budget
  63. Make amazon wish list
  64. Call suicide hotline
  65. Go to a support group meeting
  66. Fix something that is broken
  67. Play a sport
  68. Watch a sport
  69. Write a letter
  70. Get a massage
  71. Get a mani/pedi
  72. Invent foods in kitchen
  73. Go to a coffee shop
  74. Make a to-do list and work at crossing things off
  75. Floss your teeth
  76. Write song lyrics
  77. Play an instrument
  78. Go on a forum with like minded people
  79. Look at post secret
  80. Make a postcard for post secret
  81. Practice photography
  82. Fold laundry
  83. Hand wash clothing
  84. Make a to-read list
  85. Clean the microwave
  86. Go to library
  87. Go to the zoo
  88. Go to the aquarium
  89. Create something on shutterfly
  90. Go to relax by a body of water
  91. Learn a new card game
  92. Say positive affirmations
  93. Put together outfits from what is in your closet
  94. Build something
  95. Go to a park
  96. Meet new people
  97. Design your dream home
  98. Jump on a trampoline
  99. Walk yours or a friends dog
  100. Design a tattoo

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