Mental Health Podcasts

Personally, I love podcasts.  I enjoy listening to them in a variety of settings.  There are several mental health related podcasts I would recommend.  Some of them are educational, some are humorous, but all work to end the stigma of mental illness.


All in the Mind

Host Lynne Malcolm dives into subjects such as autism, bipolar disorder, and anything else associated with the brain. The episodes are typically around 20-30 minutes, and often include an interview.



The Hilarious World of Depression

This podcast features host John Moe talking to a different comedian each week. Everyone he interviews has a mental illness and they talk about their experiences in an honest discussion.



Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin has written several books about happiness, and is also the host of a podcast in which she talks about different proven ways that increase a person’s happiness.



Savvy Psychologist

This short podcast (6-10 minutes on average) gives brief, educational talks related to psychology.



Between Us

If you’ve ever wondered about therapy from the clinicians standpoint, this podcast is for you. John Totten, a therapist, interviews other therapists about topics such as why they chose to be a therapist.



Therapy Chat

I just discovered this podcast, but from what I have listened to I would describe it as an educational podcast related to psychology. Hosted by a therapist, this podcast has episodes as short as 4 minutes, and as long as over an hour.



Shrink Rap Radio

Another new discovery for me, this podcast is interview based and explores psychology and self-help topics.

If you know of any other podcasts that talk about mental health and/or substance abuse, please let me know about them!

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